In order to find a group of like-minded people interested in beach volleyball and play roughly on the same level as you do, you might wanna consider a website that I really find helpful. is a perfect site for organizing events and bringing people together. Its members are usually quite active when it comes to organizing or participating in events covering topics such as sports, business, socializing, nightlife etc.

So if you are looking for some beach volleyball folks playing at the same level as you do, you can do two things:


Search for a beach volleyball meetup group in your city


Beach Volleyball Meetup Group in Berlin (Germany)


In most major cities there are more or less active groups organizing beach volleyball sessions. Just check out groups and events in your city and sign up. Joining is for free, you usually only pay a contribution for the court. If there is no group in your area:


Found a beach volleyball meetup group in your city

This can be a lot of fun since you are going to be the leader of a newly formed group. Be prepared to get to know plenty of new people and to have some amazing events!

The platform is very convenient. You can easily manage your group, set RSVP settings, manage a waiting list and even use a payment function to collect money for the court.

Setting everything up is easy, just follow the process at


Beach Volleyball Meetup Group


Check out our global listing of more than 120 beach volleyball groups.


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