When playing beach volleyball there are a couple of things to keep in mind that make it more convenient and more fun

Get a smartphone protection: Quickly checking back with your team mates can prove costly when your smartphone falls into the sand and gets damaged. Small plastic bags can already help.

Power Pack: There are many beach courts without smartphone charging options. Have a portable charger (Power pack) with you for emergency.

Sand socks: During a hot day the temperature of the sand can be really high. Consider investing in a pair of sand socks. These are nylon booties designed to be worn on the sand. Sand socks are usually inexpensive and can greatly increase your comfort level on hot days.

Cooled drinks: Water gets warm quickly at the beach court. Put your water bottle in the freezer to have cold water for the next few hours.

Beach day: Spend a full day at the beach playing beach volleyball. The game has been created at the beach and enjoying a full day at the beach while playing is the best way to experience the idea.

Apply sunscreen: Even in cloudy weather conditions using sunscreen is key to avoid sunburn when playing for hours.

Smile: Don’t let ambition destroy your fun. Despite competing and challenging yourself, beach volleyball is about having fun.


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