How to take care of your volleyball the right way

How to take care of your volleybal

Do not leave your volleyball outside in the backyard or in the trunk of your car. Store your ball at room-temperature in a location where it is dry and clean. Avoid harsh environments for extended periods of time.

How to take care of your volleybal

Do not leave dirt on the ball. Dampen a soft cloth with warm water and add a drop of laundry detergent to the cloth. Scrub the dirty panels, between the panels you can use a tootbrush. Rinse off the detergent after you have removed the dirt. Wipe your ball dry and let the ball air dry afterwards. For leather protection, rub a thin coating of leather conditioner onto the ball.

how to take care of your volleyball

Air Pressure
Volleyballs should be inflated to the recommended pressure. Do not deflate the ball for storage because this might cause wrinkles in the ball that don’t disappear after re-inflation. Stick to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer. Over-inflating your ball will lead to a shorter life span.

Oftentimes there are many similar balls at a beach volleyball location. To easily identify your own ball, label it in some way. You can even use a water-resistant pen to write your name. If you lose it, people have the chance to return it to you.

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