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Why is women’s beach volleyball clothing sexy and men’s not?

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Product Reviews | 6 comments

Beach Volleyball Clothing: women compete in bikinis

There is quite a big contrast between men’s and women’s beach volleyball clothes. While women usually compete in bikinis, men play in tank tops and shorts. Why is that?

The answer is not the uniform guidelines from the Federation of International Volleyball. Actually, the uniform guidelines for women changed in 2012. Before, women were required to wear bikinis when they competed. Today, they are allowed to wear long sleeves, shorts or tank tops as well.

Tank top

Thus female players are not exploited for the bodies by official uniform guidlines. Most of the female players still prefer to wear a bikini because they choose to do so. For most females players it is just their uniform and it is the most convenient one when it is hot weather.

For more information on beach volleyball clothing and official uniform guidelines refer to:



  1. Rose

    Ha lol, what a great little read. My husband played Volley in NZ as a teenager, represented NZ when he was 18 and then went to Beach Volley Ball when he moved to Australia and then won gold in the Masters Games. Then he meets me and it all stopped for him. He loves the game but now he has got our son into in, and they play together.

    But Yes,,, I have always wondered why the women look sexy and the men don’t. Some even wear little tiny pants that creep right up the NU NU !!!

    Maybe perhaps it’s so encourage the men to play? What other sport allows women to play with men dressed like that???



    • Juan

      Hey Rose,
      that sounds great that your husband and your son are now playing together. I am sure that now all the skills are transferred from your husband to your son 🙂
      Interesting thought. Perhaps there should be a stricter dress code for men’s beach volleyball as well…Lol

  2. M.Ramlee

    Haha, what a post! This is a new thing I that I learned today, never know that such dress guidelines exist, but I think maybe because of convenience, they chose to wear more revealing clothes? Just to prevent more sands trap inside their clothes I think..

    • Juan

      Exactly, I totally agree. Main reason is convencience in terms of temperature and sand traps…

  3. Damien

    Well… Thanks… You left me with the thought of the roles changed… Men in bikini’s playing volleyball… No, I think it’s meant to stay the way it is… Just saying!

    • Juan

      Yeah, some things shouldn’t change…


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