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What is the typical beach volleyball apparel?

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When you head off to the beach volleyball court, you might wonder what to wear. While there are official guidelines for beach volleyball apparel, choice is yours if you are just playing for fun.

Typical beach volleyball gear is shorts and shirt or bathing suits. For guys it is at least board shorts, if not playing topless you would add a beach volleyball shirt or tank top.

Top for women

Tank Top for men


Girls usually wear bikini or bikini bottoms and tops. Of course shorts and shirt or body suits for colder weather can also be options. In order to avoid sand traps and to have the most comfortable clothing possible, most (both male and female) players would opt for as little clothing as possible.

Typical beach volleyball gear for women

In normal conditons, most players will usually play bare feet. In hot weather sand can sometimes get very hot in the sun. At the recent FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships in Vienna (Austria) officials measured sand temperatures of around 60°C. In this case we recommend dedicated sand socks for players not used to these extreme conditions.

Vincere classic high top sand socks

Sand socks

Finally, you don’t wanna play without sunglasses. They are important to protect you from UV radiation and to guarantee perfect vision in different weather conditions. You can choose from polarized sunglasses that reduce glare in extreme conditions, e.g. direct sunlight when playing on the beach next to the sea. You can also find very good models without polarization but with photochromic lenses

julbo sunglasses

Sunglasses for beach volleyball

For comfortably carrying all your beach volleyball equipment to the beach, you might consider getting a covenient volleyball backpack. Some of them are also providing enough space to carry your ball. 

volleyball sports backpacks

Volleyball backpack

 With all your gear ready, head to the beach and get started!



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