Volleyconcept – how to develop and improve team play in indoor volleyball

Though being a beach volleyball site, Beach Volleyball Space is also dealing with indoor volleyball topics such as transitioning from indoor to the beach. Here we want to introduce an interesting indoor volleyball concept – Volleyconcept.

Volleyconcept was born based on the idea that not every coach or trainer has been trained on the higher levels of the indoor volleyball game. Therefore Volleyconcept focuses on the team development and setter’s role. It practices real volleyball situations with similar pressure as in real game situations.

Volleyconcept creates as many “open” situations as possible in its practice plans, in every exercise, in every session. A good comparison is between a side-out and a freeball situation during a rally. At lower level you can focus on the side-out, which is a more “closed” situation. Only the server makes a movement, teammates are at their spot. There is not much distraction from other components. When a freeball or downball occurs, the situation becomes completely different and the setting is more open than on the side-out. Teammates prepare for the pass or attack, the setter takes his place to the position II-III; opposing players prepare for the block. Mastering and practicing these situations can make the difference between winning or losing the game.

So Volleyconcept creates as many open situations as possible. Not just spiking on a high ball at position 4, but adding actions before and after in every exercise. It developed a setting vision where in every situation the setter can have at least 3 attacking options, even on bad passing or defense. Therefore the setter has to focus on playing against the opposing middle blocker. Creating one-on-one situations is the ultimate option for every teamplay in almost every situation. To achieve the isolation of the attacker, Volleyconcept tries to create as much rotation as possible around the opposing middle blocker. No straight approach but a cutting line approach for the middle attack. Every set-up must be evaluated by these criteria.

Volleyconcept is leading in Europe and many volleyball players have already used it to develop their volleyball game. It has been proved helpful to fully understand the tactics of the indoor game. To get a taste, check out these sample sessions.

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