It is a common question from (beach) volleyball players how they can jump higher at the net in order to improve their blocking and/or hitting. Beach Volleyball Space is not focusing on coaching and training advice in the first place. Nevertheless, we want to help you improving your jumping skills.

As you might know, there are tons of training and fitness blogs out there giving advice on how to increase your vertical jump. To make things easy for you, we did the research to find the best ones. We have scanned all sorts of general fitness, jump training, volleyball, basketball, medicine and nutrition blogs for you. The result are the Top Jump Training Blogs. These are the blogs that will give you the tools, techniques and exercises for increasing your vertical jump as fast as possible. is the blog of one of the world’s largest online fitness stores and communities. They also provide a huge amount of free training, workout and nutrition content. Just search for “vertical jump” and you will find tons of material. If you really wanna dig deep, this site is the place to go to.

American Council on Exercise (ACE) is an exercise professional and health coach certification organization. They provide some great scientifically-backed resources on jump training, especially plyometrics. Using the search function, you will easily find the relevant information.

Fitness Blender is a great fitness blog focusing on healthy living and eating. Daniel and Kelli do also provide some specific advice for volleyball players. Check out their blog that provides some detailed jump training video tutorials.

Verywellfit is a general fitness and nutrition blog with tons of articles by healthcare professionals and industry experts. Searching for “vertical jump”, you will find multiple posts on vertical jump training. Some of them are explicitly focusing on (beach) volleyball.

This is a health and nutrition blog with great information on being healthy and in shape. Their advice on jump training focuses on doing things right and avoiding injury. If you had any health or pain issues with your volleyball training and workouts, you should visit this blog.

The Plyomaster Jump Training Blog offers plenty of videos and exercises to work on your vertical jump. Kurt is also offering various dedicated training programs for various types of athletes including volleyball players.

Strength and Power for Volleyball is exclusively dedicated to volleyball and Dennis offers a great amount of resources on training, conditioning and drills. Regarding jump training, you will find articles, exercises and videos to improve your volleyball jumping power.

This is a basketball blog for coaches. And as with most basketball blogs, there is also a section on how to increase your vertical jump. We found this part really helpful for coaches, players and everyone trying to improve his jump. So check out Coach Mac’s blog!

This our second basketball training blog. We included this one because Jesse really does a great job of reviewing several jump training programs out there. If you wanna get an insider’s view on jump training, this is the blog you wanna head to.

This general fitness and training blog has several great posts on jump training. Main target group are coaches but also athletes and players can get a lot out of it. Type “vertical jump” into the search function and you are ready to go.

This blog is exclusively dedicated to jump training. Besides providing useful information on jump training in general, Matthew also reviews several jump training programs out there. This blog is for sure one of the most dedicated resources to the topic of jump training.

This is an incredible resource for everything on jumping. The site provides advice on how to improve jumping height and technique using video tutorials. It also gives an overview on the best vertical jump programs available. Probably the most specific resource on jumping, definitely worth checking out!

Vertical Jumping is a jump training blog with dedicated advice on sand training. In the vertical jump exercises section you will find numerous drills that you can incorporate in your jump workout.

This is a dedicated jump training blog. In the “Articles” section you will find numerous posts dealing with the vertical jump. Kelly is also working on a vertical jump app which you can beta-test.

Bach Performance is the renowned fitness blog of Eric Bach. Although having a general fitness focus, Eric’s blog has several jump training posts you can find using the search function. We also liked the information on Intermittent Fasting that might support your jump training workouts.

According to founder and coach Jacob Hiller, his Jump Manual training is based on scientifically proven research. The Jump Manual content includes exercises, videos and nutrition advice, most of it is not for free though. 

Vert Shock is probably the most well-known jump training course for basketball players trying to learn to dunk. We don’t know if works for beach volleyball as well. But if you give it a try, let us know how it goes. 

Stack is a general fitness blog with lots of information on training, nutrition and gear. It also features multiple articles on vertical jump. One of them suggests a detailed 8-week workout program to increase your jumping abilities. For trying out the program and getting in better shape in general, this is the site you wanna go to.

MTS is a sports medicine and performance consultancy providing advice to coaches, trainers and athletes. They do provide some free content on jump training that you might wanna check out, especially if you are interested in sports medicine.




The Jump Brothers Raymond and Steven have compiled a nice selection of drills bringing together vertical jump programs and specific volleyball exercises. Both being under 5 foot 10 inches, the exercises helped them to consistently hit over the net.




Congratulations to all the winners! We think with these resources you can easily get started with the best vertical jump workouts to increase your vertical leap. In case you are also looking for more general advice on how to improve your fitness level for beach volleyball, check out the Top Fitness Blogs for Beach Volleyball. If you have any comments or think we missed out on anything, please let us know in the comment section below.


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