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Surprisingly good: cycling sunglasses for beach volleyball

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Product Reviews | 0 comments

We know it is the end of the season but perhaps that’s a great time for getting some good online deals. We recently stumbled upon these outdoor sunglasses by BangLong. We know that these are no sunglasses specifically developed for beach volleyball. But nevertheless, having tried them ourselves, we can recommend to get a pair if you are looking for a practical, value-for-money option.

The package comes with a wide selection of accessories

The sunglasses come with five interchangeable lenses. Attached to the frame is a polarized lens, four additional non-polarized lenses are included in the set. The set does also come with five different extra color decorations for the frame so you can customize your glasses by mixing up various color decorations and lenses. Finally, the package includes a soft pouch and a hard case for carrying your shades, a cleaning cloth and a myopia frame for optical lenses. For those wearing prescription lenses, these inserts can be helpful to add your optical ones.

Why should I get those cycling sunglasses?

What we really liked is the light and flexible quality frame. The polymer anti-shock frame is lighter and more durable than regular plastic frames. For playing beach volleyball, sunglasses need to have a good fit. And although these ones are obviously one-size-fits-all, we found them to have a great fit, even when moving quickly or jumping. Considering the entire package we described above, you wouldn’t think that we are talking about a low-budget option.

What’s the problem?

We wouldn’t call it a problem but the entire set came without any instructions. We found it a little bit rough trying to change lenses in the beginning. But we quickly figured it out and meanwhile you can find the instructions online in the Amazon product description.

To sum up, these sunglasses are great value-for-money and you cannot really go wrong getting them. Our overall rating is 9.3 out of 10.

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