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Sprites Sand Socks – the low-top alternative

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Product Reviews | 0 comments

Sand socks are great when playing beach volleyball in extreme temperatures. On hot days or when winter creeps in, they can prove very helpful. They do also provide protection against sun and in rough sand conditions due to their neoprene sole. We have already tested and reviewed Vincere sand socks before and found them quite valuable and fashionable since they come in a large range of different colors. Former fashion model, beach volleyball enthusiast and guest blogger Eva recently tested the low-top version for us. Here is what she thinks about this alternative:

“The Vincere Sprite low-top sand socks offer an alternative to the usual (black) sand socks with leg. And that is also the only difference: the leg. Optically I prefer the sock liner which creates the effect of your feet looking smaller and a nicer transition to your leggings. I got the turquoise splash ones which are very colourful and shimmering. Feedback from fellow players was that this special design looks like what you would imagine mermaid skin to look like. The product pictures might give a different impression. In those pictures the shimmering and rainbow colours cannot be identified as such. If your sportswear is usually colourful they are a bit hard to combine but if you are rather the black type this version adds something special to your outfit.

As other sand socks, they are elastic, and I can only recommend getting them as small as possible. If you normally choose an M, go for an S or even XS instead. Washing did not create any harm and can be done on a regular basis. The downside of the sprites is that they get full of sand faster than normal sand socks, so be prepared to empty them occasionally.

The bottom side is made of neoprene which protects your feet from hot and cold sand temperatures and smaller stones that might be found in the sand. In comparison to normal sand socks they do not have a velcro fastener and are therefore not suitable to be worn in water.

Overall, you can say that they look nicer but are slightly less practical.”

You can reach Eva at her Metamorph Coaching Website.



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  • Comfortable fit
  • Low-cut alternative
  • Stylish design
  • Many color options
  • Good value-for-money


  • Sand can get in
  • No velcro fastener
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