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Seafolly – Beach Volleyball apparel not only for Australia

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Product Reviews | 4 comments

When it comes to beach volleyball apparel, it is especially female players that put emphasis on wearing fashionable, stylish and innovative beach volleyball outfit. In one of our recent posts we suggested Protest as a fashionable brand for beach volleyball. A label that is exclusively focusing on women as target group is Seafolly. Seafolly is Australia’s largest swimwear brand that has meanwhile expanded to America, Europe and Asia. Seafolly is operating numerous concept stores and an online store that is available globally.

Seafolly beachwear is activity focused

Their swim and active wear is perfectly suitable for the beach volleyball court. Seafolly is an activity oriented brand and their typical customer is “active, confident, and wants to “use” her swimsuit… not just look good laying by the pool”, says Genelle Walcom who has been designing Seafolly wear for many years. Seafolly offer a wide range of colors, patterns and cuts. Bold statement prints and contrasting textures reflect the brand’s ethos. Seafolly reflects the Australian spirit and integrates it into beachwear. If you are looking for something extraordinary, the Australian brand is for you.

Seafolly Block Party Collection

Seafolly Active Wear

Seafolly Block Party Bikini

Besides swimwear Seafolly’s product range also includes numerous beach accessories such as hats, bags, sunglasses, towels, pillows, blankets, yoga mats and flip flops. Check out the latest Seafolly collections here.

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  1. Keiron

    With Christmas coming up as well as a trip to the beaches of Thailand, I think I will get my girlfriend one of their bathing suits!

    • Juan

      That sounds like a great present! I travelled Thailand this year and I am sure you will have a great beach time.

  2. Gail

    Wow, I love these costumes. Not sure I’d ever be seen in a bikini again but I know a lot of people who would so these would make great presents. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    • Juan

      Thanks for your comment. I like the present idea. And online ordering is always convenient. Just be sure to get the right size 🙂


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