How to beach volleyball – rules, techniques and getting started

When you are new to beach volleyball, you might wonder where to find all the necessary information put together in one place and where to start your journey. In this post I will guide through a collection of useful resouces and links to get going with beach volleyball.

Before getting started, it makes sense to get to know the basic beach volleyball rules. You can always dig deeper but for the beginning a summary of basic rules should do. Being familiar with the rules, you can start with learning techniques. You should at least have some basic knowledge about passing, setting, hitting, blocking & defense and serving. To get a taste of the most important techniques, you can check out video tutorials on Youtube or other online resources. Even video tutorials about volleyball can be helpful because some volleyball techniques can be transferred to beach volleyball (e.g. hitting).

As a next step, you should consider taking training courses and check out groups to play with. I really recommend to take a few beginners’ training classes with certified trainers in order to get the technique right from the very beginning. If you start with wrong techniques, it is really hard to fix it after you got used to it. Finding groups to play with has become easy nowadays since you can find lots of stuff online. Check out university offerings, facebook and meetup groups in your area.

Finally, get familiar with the most important beach volleyball vocabulary and hand signals. If you know vocabulary such as sideout and poke, you make sure to understand your teammates. For the ambitious and more advanced players, hand signals are a great means of communication. Before you finally hit the court, get to know the most important beach life hacks.

If you like to have a downloadable and printable version of all the information mentioned, get your free beach volleyball guide.

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