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Protest – Fashionable boardwear for the beach volleyball court

by | Sep 5, 2017 | Product Reviews | 4 comments

I always found it hard to find well-designed, stylish and affordable beach volleyball apparel. Most of the major mainstream brands are either quite boring and not very well designed. Or they are just way too expensive.

Protest is a Dutch designer label

One exception is Protest sportswear. Protest is a design-led Dutch board and beachwear label. With a team of more than 15 internationally experienced designers they are offering a great snythesis between innovative design, functionality and price. Although being a board label with focus on (snow/surf) boardwear originally, their prodcut range also includes beachwear that is very suitable for beach volleyball purposes.

The beachwear collection is perfect beach volleyball apparel

Protest Boardshorts

Their beachwear collection ranges from shorts, shirts, tops, bikinis and swim suits up to beach towels, socks and flip flops.

For the guys, especially their boardshorts and shirts are the perfect apparel for the beach volleyball court.


Protest Charlotte Bikini








Girls looking for beach volleyball bikinis or tops will definitely like Protest. If you have a taste for design and functionality you might wanna check out their huge range of bikinis. You can either choose a model directly from their shop. Or you can also play with their configurator-like “bikini match & mix” tool in order to get your individual, fully customized beach volleyball bikini.

For more information check out the Protest brand and shop here.

Protest Bikini



  1. Matthew Owen

    Firstly, I would like to shake your hand for the images you have put into this post with the exception of the shorts,lol.
    My wife is always looking for designer beach wear so this will be right up her street. It might make a dent in my bank account though but what are wives for!

    • Juan

      Thanks, I am happy you like the images 🙂
      And well, you will also have a benefit when seeing your wife in this beach wear 😉

  2. My Blog Secres

    OMG!! These swimwears are gorgeous! Thank you for linking to their website, rates are absolutely affordable.

    • Juan

      Yeah, their pricing is quite reasonable compared to other designer brands…


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