After seeing so much interest in our last product review on Hulislem polarized sunglasses, we decided to even dig deeper and research some more options so that you can choose between different models. So why should you get polarized sunglasses for the beach at all?

Polarization reduces glare when playing outdoors

Well, polarized lenses do not offer better UV protection in the first place but they improve your vision in high glare environments, especially when performing outdoor activities. Since beach volleyball is usually played outdoors at the beach, most often close to water (hopefully the sea), we think using polarized sunglasses for beach volleyball is generally a good choice. Polarized lenses will reduce glare, e.g. sunlight reflected off the water.

In our polarized sunglasses overview we will focus on sports sunglasses because playing beach volleyball is obviously quite an athletic activity. Sports sunglasses usually wrap around the eyes and protect you from sand, wind and ultraviolet radiation. In most cases, they do also provide adjustable nosepieces which makes wearing them for sports-related activities very comfortable.  Moreover, sports sunglasses are usually lightweight and fit easily for both men and women.

best polarized sunglasses

Most lenses are made of polycarbonate which is a strong, shatter-proof material. There are a few exceptions of which we will talk later in our review. For beach volleyball in the daylight, you will normally choose lenses that provide a good contrast, e.g. orange or yellow. The darkness of a lens is measured in visible light transmission (VLT). For bright sunshine at the beach, a VLT of 8 to 17 % (Category 3) is usually recommended. Some of the models discussed offer interchangeable lenses or photochromic lenses that darken or lighten according to light conditions.

We are reviewing six polarized pairs of sunglasses from six different brands. In terms of price range, most polarized sports sunglasses discussed are quite affordable. But we did also include some high-end models such as the Oakley sunglasses. Just in case you don’t care that much about the price…

MIRA Breeze R Polarized Sports Glasses

The MIRA Breeze glasses are fully UV400 protected and come with a polarization test card, cloth, case, black pouch back and even a glasses retainer strap. The wrap around design and flexible, lightweight frame support a full protection and a firm fit, even when moving quickly. The price point around $20 is really attractive. You should only be sure to like the color because there are no further color options offered. If yes, the Mira Breeze are a great and affordable option.

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  • Full UV400 protection
  • Lightweight TR 90 scratch-proof frame
  • Wrap around design for full eye protection


  • Only in one color

REKS Optics Polarized Sling Blade Sunglasses

If you are ready to spend a bit more, you can go for the REKS polarized Sling-blade sunglasses. The lightweight frame is BPA-free and hard to break. We did especially like the multicoated, anti-scratch lenses with UV400 protection. Unlike for the MIRA glasses, you can choose between different lens colors, e.g. brown, silver and blue. Depending on your lens color preferences you can choose your favorite design. Minor drawback is the “one-size fits all” but the flexible frame does always provide a tight fit.

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  • Lightweight frame
  • Shatter-resistant lenses (multicoated lens)
  • UV400 protection


  • One-size fits all

ATTCL Men’s Polarized Driving Sunglasses

The ATTCL sunglasses are another very functional and affordable option. Fully UV400 protected with an aluminum magnesium metal alloy frame, they come up with a wrap-around design for good fit and protection. Although being one-size-fits-all, they can be well-fit due to an adjustable nosepad. They are great for individualization because you can choose between more than a dozen color options for the frame and the lens.

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  • Lightweight but strong
  • More than a dozen color options
  • Very affordable


  • One-size fits-all

Duco Men’s Sports UV Sunglasses

A similar model to the ATTCL glasses are the Duco men’s sports sunglasses. They do also come with UV protected, polarized lenses also protecting against all UVA and UVB rays. There are multiple color options for the lenses and the lightweight frame so you can easily get your “customized” pair. The whole set includes carabiner, gift box, microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth as well as polarization test card. They also ship with a little screwdriver for keeping tiny screws in the glasses tight. It’s another model without further size options so you just need to give it a try.

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  • Stylish design
  • Many different color options
  • Nose piece is adjustable


  • One-size-fits-all

Oakley Men’s Jawbreak Prizm Sunglasses

These Oakley sunglasses are actually not polarized. We still included them because we find them quite cool and they are – yes, Oakleys. The huge “back to the future” retro look can be argued about. But if you are into it, these are great sunglasses. They come with a lightweight, injection molded thermoplastic frame that provides great flexibility. The lens is interchangeable with extra lenses that are sold separately. They do prevent fogging even when you are sweating. You can choose between numerous color options. Since they are Oakleys, they are definitely on the pricier side.

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  • Lightweight frame, retro style
  • Interchangeable lenses, no fogging
  • High Oakley quality


  • Not polarized
  • Pricey

Costa Del Mar Blackfin Sunglasses

This is another high-end model but a bit less costly than the Oakleys. The plastic frame with polarized lenses comes in almost a dozen colors and you can get the pair you find most stylish. In general, they will rather fit big faces. As a nice customization, you can choose between different lens width options. Originally, these glasses are designed for fishing and water environments. But especially when playing volleyball at the beach near the sea, you should consider these Costa sunglasses.

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  • Stylish
  • Many color options


  • Originally for fishing and water
  • For rather big face

All sunglasses discussed provide UV protection. Choosing your preferred model is basically a decision of style and fit. Just give it a try. If you are interested in another pair of high-end, non-polarized sunglasses, check out our separate review of the Julbo Aero. And if you end up buying one of those models, let us know about your experience in the comment section below.