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Your companion for the beach court – Mizuno Lightning Volleyball Backpack

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Product Reviews | 0 comments

When I pack my stuff for the beach court, I don’t like to have a big bag because it’s a hassle to carry big baggage to the beach. But when I choose a small bag, I never know where to put the ball. Recently I found the Mizuno Lightning Volleyball Backpack which pretty much solves my problem. It ships with an additional mesh volleyball bag that leaves enough space inside the backpack.

This Mizuno volleyball backpack comes with a large main compartment, a small compartment at the top of the bag and the already mentioned mesh volleyball bag. It also comes up with a ventilated shoe pouch, a kind of bottom pocket for shoes. Fortunately, for the beach we don’t need shoes but it’s a nice feature where you can put your regular shoes when being at the beach. To further optimize space in the main compartment, the mesh detachable ball bag will store your ball outside of the backpack. In case you still want to have it inside the backpack, the main compartment is also big enough to fit your ball inside.

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The Mizuno Lightning Volleyball Backpack

So what are the main benefits of the Mizuno backpack?

The Mizuno provides plenty of room for your belongings. With less than 1kg of weight it is quite light. You don’t wanna carry a lot of weight to the beach. And the Mizuno brand stands for high quality and durability. Mizuno is a well-known and reputed Japanese volleyball equipment manufacturer with more than 100 years of experience that is based in Osaka.

What do I have to keep in mind?

Except for the mesh bag and the small compartment at the top, the backpack only offers one main compartment. If you need a separate compartment to store things like your notebook, it might be a bit tricky. And of course Mizuno comes at a price.  I think Mizuno offers great value-for-money but if you are looking for a low-budget volleyball sports backpack, you might need to check out other brands, e.g. Rox Volleyball.

Several color options are available: grey with red, navy, royal or black. Check them out and let us know you what you think in the comments!


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