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The budget option: Mikasa VX20 Beach Classic Volleyball

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Product Reviews | 0 comments

We have already done reviews for beach volleyball balls and if you have followed them, you know that we recommend the Mikasa VLS300 Beach Champ. Yes, we do know that this not the cheapest option. We think it is still the best ball out there. But if you are running on a limited budget, you might be looking for cheaper models. That is when the Mikasa VX20 Beach Classic Volleyball comes in.

Similar features as Mikasa’s top beach volleyball balls

Mikasa is a Japanese sport equipment manufacturer that has been founded more than 100 years ago. Since 1964 Mikasa has been producing the official game balls for all FIVB events and the Olympic Games. Their VX20 Beach Classic Volleyball is produced for the North American market and distributed by Mikasa USA. It is an official size and weight beach volleyball and it is the affordable alternative to their official FIVB World Tour model that we have already been discussing. It comes along with the same three-color panel design (blue/yellow/white) that has proven helpful to identify the ball’s movement.

Why should you consider the VX20?

Compared to other low-cost balls which tend to be very hard, the VX20 is soft and playing it doesn’t hurt at all. Even after extended periods of playing, arms don’t hurt. And just as its “brother”, the VLS300, it also rotates and floats very accurately. The three-color panel design makes for a good visibility, especially when the ball is spinning. Mikasa is known for good product quality and even though this is the most affordable option, you can expect it to last long. In case you experience any quality issues, they provide a one-year warranty and will replace the product if required.

So what are the shortcomings compared to higher priced models?

Since the VX20 is roughly half the price of the VLS300, there must be downsides. In our opinion, the only issue is the material. While the VLS300 is made of micro fiber leather, the VX20 is a synthetic leather ball. So the “touch and feel” is a bit less gentle. And in terms of durability, the VX20 will probably not last as long as the VLS300.

In most cases, the VX20 comes deflated. That’s why you should definitely have a ball pump as well. A great and affordable pump is the Franklin Sports Ball Maintenance Kit which comes with a flexible extension hose, a pressure gauge and three metal needles. The needles are intended to be used one for the pump, one for the gauge, and the third needle to release extra air from the ball. With a price way below $10, you will not find any better value-for-money.

Franklin Sports Ball Maintenance Kit Franklin Sports Ball Maintenance Kit

Final verdict: Get the VX20 if you play non-competitive beach volleyball

As already said, if you have been playing beach volleyball for many years and you are perhaps even playing at competitive level, we still recommend you to get the Beach Champ VLS300. If you are rather new to beach volleyball and not aiming to play competitively, you can go with the VX20 Beach Classic Volleyball. Like all Mikasa models, it is a good ball and at the same time you can save some serious money.


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