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Challenging the hidden champion – Julbo Sunglasses Review

by | Aug 29, 2019 | Product Reviews | 0 comments

When it comes to choosing rather high-end sunglasses for the beach, many beach volleyball players would probably go for some Oakley model. Only a few know about Julbo, a French manufacturer of sunglasses that has been there for way more than a 100 years. Originated in mountain eye protection, they expanded their offering to include a wide range of sports and terrains. Julbo sunglasses are highly-reputed for supplying well-fitting frames with high-quality lenses. We will tell you in a second why.

Why consider Julbo sunglasses for the beach?

We tested the Julbo Aero and the Julbo Aerolite sunglasses. While the Aero is rather targeted to men and larger faces, the Aerolite is suitable for players with smaller faces. Both models come with a lightweight frame and a comfortable ear stem system. Those ear stems make the glasses stay in place on your face, even when performing dynamic activities like jumping and digging while playing beach volleyball. The nose bridge is flexible and uses an adjustable soft rubber compound for the nose pad.

julbo sunglasses

Spectron 3 multipurpose lens

Now the lens. Julbo is offering a wide array of different lenses. They all come as fully UV-protected mono lens, i.e. a single lens usually used in goggles which provide a wide field of vision. But the design still makes them look more like conventional sunglasses. Available with Aero are the polycarbonate Spectron 3 and the photochromic Zebra Light lenses. Photochromic lenses are for varying light conditions since they get darker or lighter depending on light intensity. With protection index 1-3 (out of 4), the Julbo Zebra Light lens does not have the highest index. So if you are playing at the beach next to the sea on a very sunny day without clouds, they might not be optimal. Therefore you might wanna go for the Julbo Spectron 3 polycarbonate lens. This is a multipurpose lens and we found them extremely good in all sorts of conditions from cloudy and rainy to sunny weather.

Perfect system of frame and lens

The lens and frame are set up as a system constructed to provide a good ventilation with antifog system. We found it very helpful preventing fog on the lens when sweating after extended play. The Julbo Aero sunglasses are quite stylish and several color options for frame and lens are available. Depending on your frame color choice, you can choose between different lens color options.

Any cons for the Julbo Aero?

Julbo sunglasses are high-end products and definitely more on the pricey side. Probably still worth the money considering the great technology you receive. Ah… and neither the Zebra nor the Spectron 3 lenses are polarized. If you are looking for polarization to further reduce glare, check out our extensive review on polarized sunglasses

For non-polarized sunglasses, we definitely recommend the Julbo Aero and Aerolite. Let us know about your final choice in the comments below.



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  • Comfortable fit
  • Lightweight
  • Good ventilation
  • Quality lenses
  • Many color options


  • On the pricey side
  • Lenses not polarized
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