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How we ended up with a ridiculously fancy water bottle for the beach

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Product Reviews | 6 comments

Ok, we admit it. When we ordered the Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle at Amazon, everybody thought the same. Why the f… are we buying a stupid water bottle for around $40? We are just looking to test a water bottle for the beach when playing volleyball. Aren’t there sports water bottles for $10? Yes, there are! So what about the Hydro Flask? Here’s the deal:

It does have a couple of nice features…

Hydro Flask is an Oregon-based all-insulated bottles producer. Their sports bottles are made of non-toxic BPA (bisphenol A)-free plastics. They are made with 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. This material protects against flavor transfer. So you can fill it with coffee today and water tomorrow. And the water won’t have a coffee taste. The touch-and-feel of the bottle is nice, the grip is solid. Hydro Flask is using a double-walled, vacuum insulated technology to keep the temperature of any liquid stable. We didn’t try hot drinks like coffee because we just used it for taking it to the beach when playing volleyball. But our flavored water stayed ice cold for our entire beach volleyball afternoon session. And it was a hot and dry late summer day in Berlin. Hydro Flask says you can maintain the temperature of cold drinks for up to 24 hours. They also provide a lifetime warranty for all their bottles. The water bottles come in different sizes. You can get 18, 32, 40 or 64oz bottles. 32oz is approximately one litre. And they are available with all sorts of different caps and lids (e.g. a straw lid). You can choose between standard and extra-wide mouth. The extra-wide mouth bottle can even fit any sized ice cubes. Each bottle does only come with one lid each. But you can order additional lids separately in case you need more.

sports water bottles

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth, Mint

But what makes these water bottles so unique?

The main argument for us is the huge range of design and individualization options. Besides size, cap and lid you can choose between more than 10 different colors. You can choose from cobalt, kiwi, flamingo, citron, graphite and more. And mixing size, lids and colors, you can somehow configure your own personal water bottle. You think that’s ridiculous? Maybe. But we actually found that having our own, personal Hydro Flask bottle made us drink way more water than usual. We just couldn’t help drinking. And that’s a good thing, right? That’s why we think in terms of functionality, there are definitely similar insulated sports water bottles out there, such as Klean Kanteen or Brita for example. But in terms of overall touch-and-feel and customization options, we are convinced by Hydro Flask.

And there are no downsides?

As already mentioned, Hydro Flask sports water bottles are quite pricey. And if you want to keep the nice-looking design as long as possible, you want to prevent the bottles from falling on the ground  because they will get dents and scratches. So just be kind and gentle. And no dishwasher, only hand wash, please. This might be inconvenient if you want to use your Hydro Flask for coffee or other tasty liquids. As long as you only use it for water, hand wash shouldn’t cause any headache. Just rinse with hot water. That’s it. Putting it all together, if you are looking for a cool, practical water bottle for the beach and you are not on a budget, get your customized Hydro Flask. It is a great gadget and will help you drink enough water. If you have a limited budget and can skip the fancy design part, check out Brita or CamelBak. Or get this cute personalized volleyball water bottle


  1. Nazir

    Hi there, I like your content with good information about a fancy bottle of water.
    It reminds me when I used to play volleyball with some old friends on the beach. You are right playing volleyball on the beach without a water bottle is difficult.
    But can’t this kind of bottle be found in a regular supermarket?

    • Juan

      Hi Nazir,
      it is actually a quite specific, insulated sports water bottle. You will rather find it in outdoor activity stores or on Amazon. Regular supermarkets normally don’t sell these bottles.

  2. Ciara B Groesbeck

    I can totally relate to this article because I love my hydroflask- really don’t go anywhere without it! Every volleyball game needs an array of hydroflasks on the side!


    • Juan

      Thanks, Ciara. We agree, especially every beach volleyball game 😉

  3. Nate Stone

    Hi Juan,

    Thanks for providing this review, I’m a big fan of anything that is BPA free. I try to limit my plastic exposure as much as possible as it is bad for your testosterone levels. Do you know what parts of the bottle are plastic?

    • Juan

      Yes, limiting plastic is a good approach. The flex cap / lid is BPA-free plastic, the bottle interior (the insulation) is stainless steel.


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  • Only hand wash
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