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Guest post: Fashion blogger Eva on her favorite beach volleyball bikinis

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Product Reviews | 2 comments

Are you looking for a beach volleyball bikini and are totally lost? Most products are either no good fit, not stylish or way too expensive? Female beach volleyball players often find it hard to spot well-fitting, fashionable and affordable beach volleyball gear. In previous reviews, we introduced several good options by Seafolly and Ballarina. Now we asked former fashion model, beach volleyball enthusiast and guest blogger Eva to try out a few beach volleyball bikinis. Eva’s preferred brand turned out to be Rip Curl, the Australian boardwear designer. Here are her recommendations for the best bikinis suitable for beach volleyball:

The classic surf bralette bikini top has a nice lacing on the back which is why I chose to buy it. The normal sports top leaves your back with an ugly white cross once you got into the sun. That does not happen with this top which I love. The cut in the front is pretty low, perfect to get tanned here as well. Unfortunately the fit is not as great as expected. When playing seriously, I realized I was checking regularly if the padding was right or my chest was too visible. It also happened that it moved too high up. I was told then that the lacing had to be fixed more firmly which helped but cut into the flesh on the back and gave me an uncomfortable sensation of having too much fat there (which everyone I know would laugh about). It has the above mentioned advantages though which is why I do not regret to have bought it. The size is adjustable through the lacing but rather on the bigger side.

Classic Surf Bralette Bikini Top

Classic surf hipster bikini bottom










The classic surf hipster bikini bottom is a must have! It covers all you want to cover, is pretty much seamless and shows a lot of skin to get tanned. At first, I was insecure whether it shows too much as the cut is very sexy but I never needed to be worried about displaying unwanted body parts, jumps into the sand included. So far it is the best fit I ever had with a bikini bottom. I got a lot of envy and many questions of other girls where to buy it, already ;). If you have a slim figure I can absolutely recommend it. The size turns out as you would expect with western brands. If you are insecure choose the smaller one.

Rip Curl Women's Classic Surf Hipster Cheeky Coverage Bikini Bottom

Classic Surf Hipster Bikini Bottom

The surf candy hipster bikini bottom is absolutely beautiful and perfectly cut. The Rip Curl hipster cuts might be even nicer but I feel perfectly pretty in it and as it is nearly seamless it is very comfortable as well. It shows a lot of skin nonetheless, so you can get tanned nicely. Everyone loves the pattern and asks me where I bought it. If you have a slim figure I can absolutely recommend it. The size turns out as you would expect with western brands. If you are insecure choose the smaller one.

Rip Curl Surf Candy Bikini

Rip Curl Candy Bikini Top

Eva playing in the Candy Bikini Top










The surf candy high neck bikini top is my favorite piece in my cupboard right now. I had to laugh out loud when I was told lately that a girl would love to rip it of my body to have it. The pattern is gorgeous, the cut pretty tanning-friendly as slim and special because of its filigree neckline. The only reason why some girls should not wear it, is that it is only made for a chest up to a big B/ small C cup. As it has no cups it is not super stable concerning looks which can give of the impression of a bent line under the chest. Playing-wise I can absolutely recommend it. In two hours of training I did not have to check my chest once.

For all reviewed Rip Curl products, size turns out as you would expect with a western brand. With a low temperature, all of the bikinis are wash machine safe and do not lose color if you rinse it. I cannot yet say how long they will last but I already want more of the same. Regarding the price, Rip Curl is not a low-cost brand but it is definitely worth it.

You can reach Eva at her Metamorph Coaching Website.


  1. Thomas Schwing

    This is a great and very valuable Post. My girlfriend plays beach volleyball all the time and she is constantly having issues with her bikini. I never realized how difficult it is for women to find the right combination of looks and functionality. I forwarded this to her and she loved it. Thank you so much.

    • admin

      Thanks for your comment, Thomas. It is always good to have women give recommendations to other women…;-)


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