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Escaping the upcoming winter – Beach Volleyball Camps

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Guide | 4 comments

In many beach volleyball regions (especially in Europe) winter is approaching. A great way of escaping winter can be attending a beach volleyball camp. However, beach volleyball camps are not only about extending the beach season in a nice and warm climate. Beach volleyball camps are the perfect bootcamp to improve your technique and take your skills to the next level. If you choose a good camp, dedicated trainers and motivated players will support you in stepping up your game. As a nice side effect, you can also extend your social (beach volleyball) network. Before checking out different beach camp operators and booking your camp, you should consider the different camp options that are available and become clear about what exactly you are looking for.

Location – think of additional activites such as water sports

Choosing a region or area for your camp defines the climatic conditions in which you will be playing. Normally most of the beach camps will be located in an area that guarantees for sunny weather and moderate climate conditions. Therefore even more important than that are the additional activities and leisure options a certain location has to offer. Many locations are not only suitable for beach volleyball but can provide opportunities for surfing, snorkeling, diving or mountain biking. Choose your camp next to the Red Sea in Egypt and you will be training on the court in the morning and diving on the reefs in the afternoon. When travelling with a partner not playing beach volleyball, these considerations are even more important.

Beach Volleyball Camp

Beach volleyball camps can be combined with other activities such as diving

Accomodation – choose the crowds you meet

You can book a beach volleyball camp in a 5-star luxury resort or in a basic bungalow or camping site without amenities. Make sure in advance that you know what you want and plan your budget accordingly. Keep in mind that your accomodation type of choice not only defines the level of convenience but might also determine the type of people you meet. If you are rather looking for a budget trip together with a more or less young crowd focusing on fun and party, the camping site might be for you.

Group size – personal contact or training focus

Group size also has a major impact on the atmosphere in a beach volleyball camp. If you like close personal contact and you wanna get to know your group profoundly, you wanna go for a small group. On the other hand, big groups make sure that you find enough players at your level to train and play with. They also guarantee that there are more activities besides the court such as parties, excursions etc.

Beach Volleyball Camp

Packages and price – compare apples with apples

In order to compare prices between different beach volleyball camps you need to compare the packages that are offered. Main difference will be the amount of training provided. Some camps only do training sessions in the morning, others offer training both in the morning and afternoon. Further differentiators are the question if airport transfer and catering are part of the package. You should check which meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and beverages (alcoholic, non-alcoholic) are included. In case of a classic “all-inclusive” offer, you might wanna check which type of beverages (e.g. only local liquor) is part of the package.

All-inclusive or individual – avoid unnecessary risks

Travelling and organizing your trip individually does usually sound more promising than booking all-inclusive packages. Regarding beach volleyball camps, doing “one-stop-shopping” might nevertheless be the preferred option. It will simply cause unnecessary hassle and prove more costly if you organize your flight, hotel and transfer separately. In case of airline insolvency, cancellations or delays, you are way better off if you booked a package with a reputable beach camp operator. Good beach camp operators will also provide insurance for these incidents. In case of individual booking you will probably not be refunded for new flight tickets and unused or additional hotel nights.

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After you made up your mind regarding the criteria I mentioned, you can do your research and compare beach camp operators. Watch out for a beach camp operator check coming up soon…



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    This was very helpful to read. My family and I are planning a beach trip soon. I’ll be sure to bookmark this post so we can use it once we get there. They love volleyball games and I do too. So I’m sure it will be a trip to remember. Thank you!

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