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Check out the status of your beach volleyball equipment!

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With the beginning of the season, you might want to check your volleyball gear and equipment. As you know, beach volleyball involves little equipment other than a court, net and ball. It does have certain specific equipment requirements though. These refer to some specifications regarding the ball, the playing area and the net. Players’ uniforms are also regulated.


Net and ball



The ball used in beach volleyball is a sphere made from leather or another type of flexible synthetic material. The ball is typically adorned with bright colors, weighing 260-280 g. In official international competitions, the volleyball must measure 66-68 cm in circumference. Typically a good standard beach volleyball costs around $ 50.


The net divides the volleyball court into two halves. It is typically 8.5 meters long. Placed in the center of the court, the net is made from 10 cm square mesh, bordered on the top and bottom with 7-10 cm wide canvas bands. The height of the volleyball net is 2.43 meters for men and 2.24 meters women. You can get a very decent beach volleyball net for around $ 100.

Playing Area

The beach volleyball court is typically made of leveled sand that should be at least 40 centimeters deep. A standard playing court for beach volleyball is rectangular and measures 16 meters in length and 8 meters in width.

Player Equipment

Player uniforms are typically shorts and shirts or bathing suits with a distinct color and style for each team. Competitors usually play in bare feet but some players prefer wearing beach volleyball socks for heat protection.


In contrast to most fashion-oriented buyers, a beach volleyball player is mostly concerned that his sunglasses stay on top of his nose even when jumping, diving and digging. Of course sunglasses still need to look good and they should provide UV protection. You can get great models for around $30.


Wondering how to carry all that stuff to the court? No worries, there are amazing and stylish bags and backpacks out there. A nice combination of both is available here.


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