Our reader Nik is addicted to beach volleyball. He works as a volleyball coach and instructor teaching other coaches in Berlin. He has been coaching the Berlin Recycling Volleys, the successful and popular pro indoor team in Germany’s capital. He does also offer beach volleyball camps and in this inspiring post he tells us how he has reacted to the unreal Covid-19 craziness.

Enter Nik…

“Since 2005 we have been offering a beach volleyball camp on the wonderful island of Mallorca (Spain). This year was terrible, we were totally surprised when our plans for the camps in spring were all of a sudden destroyed. Then things got better this summer. But now things are again going totally wrong. It is clear – there is no chance to do the camps in Mallorca this autumn. Corona makes it impossible to go to Mallorca in September and October. Okay, we definitely miss the beach and the palm trees. But we do miss even more the beach volleyball training and our participants. But we want to keep the ball flying and changed our plans.

beach volleyball camps

Nik usually organizes beach volleyball camps in Mallorca

Therefore we decided to offer our camp in Berlin at BeachMitte. This is an outdoor location during the summer and becomes an indoor beach facility called “Winterstrand” in winter. In mid-October, we will do a one-week camp and the following weekend we will conduct a special workshop about reception and defense.  Although I have been working as a coach for more than 25 years, I still love my job, the sport and the people I work with.

We do not want to give in to Covid-19 and we will bring back fun to our everyday lives.

For the camps, we do everything that is necessary to fulfill the official hygiene protocols and regulations, e.g. wearing a mask when leaving the court and going to the bathroom. Regular training sessions in small groups are possible and we make sure to keep the balls within each group. We want to stay healthy and want our participants to be safe.”

If you are interested in the camps or want to reach out to Nik, check out the Champ Camp Facebook page.


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