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by | Jan 26, 2020 | Product Reviews | 2 comments

It is great to play beach volleyball on a sunny and moderately warm day. But what if on a hot day temperatures rise and the sand is burning? Or temperatures drop (e.g. in fall) and instantly you have cold feet? Not only is it no fun to play but it can also cause severe injuries.

Sand socks are the perfect protection on the sand

The solution are sand socks. Every beach volleyball player should have them since they perfectly  compensate for extreme temperatures. On hot sand they will cool your feet and in cold weather they make comfortably warm feet. Additionally, they provide protection in rough sand, especially when the sand contains mud, little stones or other abrasive material.

There are a couple of beach volleyball sand socks out there in the market. We tested several beach socks and I really found the ones by Vincere of great value. Vincere Sport is an American company based in Texas. They offer socks for the beach and water in different shapes and colors. There is a low-top version but my favorites are the classic high top sand socks which have a couple of great features.

Vincere classic high top sand socks

Vincere sand socks in standard black

Comfortable fit and a velcro fastener to keep sand out

The high top sand volleyball socks come in different sizes so that a comfortable fit without slipping is ensured. Especially helpful is the velcro closure which helps to keep sand out at all times. Other models do not have the velcro which can be quite annoying when you permanently need to get rid of sand in your socks.  I also like the stylish design and the huge range of color options. So if you don’t wanna go for standard black, just choose a nice color to stand out on the court. Finally, Vincere sand socks are mashine washable which makes cleaning very easy and convenient. Just put them in the washer and they will look like new.

Vincere classic high top sand socks

Vincere classic high top sand socks

Sand socks marine blue and pink


Use them for the beach, not the water

The only thing I would improve is the insulation of the socks. The material could be more protective regarding extreme temperatures in very hot or very cold weather. But I think this feature would require different material and significantly increase material cost and selling price. Although not indicated, I wouldn’t wear the sand socks in water because I think it will be detrimental to the material in the long run. Better get socks or shoes specifically designed for water.

If you wanna be prepared for all weather conditions, definitely get beach volleyball sand socks. For the Vincere classic high top sand socks our overall rating is 9.3 out of 10. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Eva

    I highly recommend to buy them smaller then your usual size. They are relatively big and become even wider by time.

    • Juan

      Thanks for your suggestion. I generally agree to buy one size smaller than your normal size. Another option could be to wear a pair of (normal) socks underneath. This can also make it warmer in case you wear the sand socks in cold weather.


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