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Ballarina – Beach Volleyball wear for ambitious players

by | Sep 22, 2017 | Product Reviews | 8 comments

If you are looking for casual beach volleyball clothing to wear at the beach court, there are a couple of brands that might come into your mind, e.g. Protest, Seafolly, Quiksilver, Billabong or others. For those looking for more performance oriented and professional beach volleyball wear, options are somewhat limited. A rather widely known American brand is Rox Volleyball. One of the less known brands in the beach volleyball scene is Ballarina.

Ballarina is beach volleyball clothing made in Germany

Ballarina is a German sportswear company offering beach volleyball wear “Made in Germany”. They focus on beach volleyball clothing for female players and are the official partner of the German junior national team. Besides beach volleyball apparel they are also offering leisure wear such as T-shirts, hoodies or caps. It is a relatively young company that is still developing its product range.

Women’s beach volleyball bikinis, tops and pants for ambitious players

For female players their products are primarily women’s beach volleyball bikinis, tops and pants. Especially players that consider themselves more than the “just-for-fun” type will find great value in Ballarina beach volleyball bikinis, tops or uniforms. Since these products have been developed together with top athletes, they provide very good and convenience.

Ballarina Player Top Aqua


Ballarina offers fast-drying performance sportswear. The material is 70% polyamide and 30% elastane. The products are manufactured in Germany based on fair trade and sustainability principles. Although Ballarina might not offer the same product choice in terms of colors and design as other brands, they provide professional beach volleyball wear at moderate prices. My overall rating for Ballarina sportswear is 9.4 out of 10.

Ballarina Sandpant Aqua Green



  1. Mike

    Another great article. Keep them coming. Being 46 I don’t play as much as I did in the past, but I do like to keep up with the sport.

    • Juan

      Great, thanks for your comment, Mike!

  2. Valerie

    I like the look of the Ballarina Beach Volleyball wear. It looks to be well made and suitable for plenty of activity.

    It’s good that the items are available from Amazon, a favorite shopping store worldwide.

    • Juan

      Indeed. The brand is not yet well-known and therefore having a reputable store where you can order is really helpful.

  3. Ramandeep

    Hello I love the ballerina aqua too it is just my style, the sporty wear and yet elegant . I also like the fact that it’s 30% elastane and sustainable. Thank you for sharing.
    Best regards

    • Juan

      Thanks for your nice comment. I agree. It is a great combination of functionality, style and material.

  4. Emilia

    Hi, thank you for this article. Do you by any chance know where Rox Volleyball – clothing could be bought in Europe? Don’t seem to find any info on their web page.

    • Juan

      Hi Emilia,
      yes it is true, they are currently very U.S. focused. Their online shop only ships to the U.S. You can try if some of their products (e.g. this Rox backpack) are available on Amazon in your country.


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